Luis Alberto Romero

A History of Argentina in the Twentieth Century

Luis Alberto Romero / translated by James P. Brennan

The Pennsylvania State University Press

“Luis Alberto Romero has writen a book that is compehensive, balanced, and full of insights into the development  and – turmoil – of modern Argentine history.  This book can serve as a starter for anyone interested in the topic.  Specialists too will rely on it for its analysis and detail.  James Brennan’ s translation is outstanding.”

– Jeremy Adelman,Princeton University

A History of Argentina in the Twentieth Century, originally published in Buenos Aires in 1994, attained instantenous status as a classic.  Written as an introductory text for university students and the general public,  it is a profound reflection on the “Argentine dilemma” and the challenges that the country faces as it tries to rebuild democracy.  In the book, Romero painstakingly and brilliantly reconstructs and analyses Argentina’s tortuous, often tragic modern history, fromthe “alluvial society” born of mass immigration, to the dramatic years of Juan and Eva Perón, to the recent period of military dictatorship and democracy.  For this first English-language edition, Romero has written a new chapter covering the 1990s and a postcript addressing the economic and political upheavals of early 2002.  A rare book combining great erudition with an engaging narrative, it is destined to be the standard English-language history of Argetina for many years to come.

The son of Argentina’s greatest twentieth-century historian, Josè Luis Romero, Luis Alberto Romero has emerged as one of the leading historians of his generation in Argentina.  Romero’s generation is one that has witnessed the most dramatic decades of the country’s modern modern history, the decline of Argentina and its descent into violence, dictatorhip, and dispair, but also the hopeful if often difficult process of rebuilding democracy since the mid-1980s.  Combining the rigor of the professional historian with a passionate commitment to his country’s future, Romero’s work is a  major contribution to our understanding of one of latin America’s most important nations.  This translation by James Brennan, himself a leading English-speaking historian of Argentina, makes this valuable book available to a wide readership in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

LUIS ALBERTO ROMERO is professor of History at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Among his other books is (with Leandro H. Gutierrez) Sectores populares, cultura y política: Buenos Aires enla entreguerra (Sudamericana, 1995)

JAMES P. BRENNAN is Associate Professor of History at the University of California, Riverside.  He is author of The Labor Wars in Córdoba, 1955-1976: Ideology, Work, and Labor Politics in an Argentine Industrial City (1995).

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Luis Alberto Romero
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